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Early 1920's set of Dominoes in excellent condition.  Original box and instructions.


A rare golf game from the 1940's.  Game and box in mint condition. Golf Game
Brickhouse Deck - A deck of playing cards with the history of the Cubs from the 1800's on the backs.  Made by Jack Brickhouse, Hall of Fame announcer.  Decks are sealed.  A Limited Edition item. Jack Brickhouse Cubs Cards
A set of brush and soap cup used for shaving. Both in very nice condition. Brush and Soap Cup
Miniature Coke Bottle, 2 inches high.  Bottle is full and capped.  No chips or cracks. Miniature Coke Bottle
Royal Crown Cola bottle, capped and still full. Circa 1950's. Royal Crown Cola
Pepsi Cola miniature pen knife, 2 inches long, in excellent fine condition.  No rust or damage. Pepsi Knife
Excell sealer. A cut bag sealer with trimmer. User 12mm (1/4") tape with 3" core. Ideal for sealing food, storage, or most plastic bags. In original sealed container. Excel Sealer
Stevens Rifle by JL Stevens Co., uses .22 long ammunition. In good working condition, marked "Favorite" does show signs of age, small chip on stock and minor rust. A good example of an early .22  Stevens Rifle
Silver miniature Llama, 2 inches high, with exquisite detail.  It is in mint condition. Miniature Llama
A 9 1/2" tall figurine of a salesman, signed but signature is partially blurred. Statue is in pristine condition. An unusual and distinctive work of new art and an excellent addition to any collection. Salesman Figurine
Japanese fan, unknown origin, in mint condition.  Possibly bamboo frame with tassel attached to a brass swivel Japanese Fan
Pair of wire spectacles circa 1920's with case. Label by Edwin F. Sutter of Chicago. Frame marked Stevens Co. The glasses are in superb condition. Metal unknown. Antique Glasses
Pair of safety glasses circa 1930's with wire mesh sides that swivel. Dark lenses, no chips or scratches. One swivel has minor damage. A good example of early eye safety wear. Antique Protective Glasses
Bell Telephone Bronze Belt Buckle - Bronze belt buckle commemorating 100 years (1878-1978) in the telephone industry. A very limited edition by the Long Line Council in Chicago honoring Bell Telephone pioneers. Is in super mint condition. Belt Buckle from Bell Telephone
PR Cover commemorating the 450th year anniversary of Puerto Rico.  Mint condition. PR Cover
First flight to Cheyenne, WY.  1922 air mail cover in mint condition. 1st Flight to Cheyenne
Heileman's "Old Style" beer sign.  Illuminated from inside.  In excellent condition.  Size 16"x24" Old Style Beer sign
A Schlitz Beer keg tap.  IN excellent condition.  A very colorful item Schlitz Beer Keg Tap
PC Glider Post Card saluting Chanute glider pioneer by the Post Card Air Mail Society. Card signed by Rudy Kinda, pilot of glider depicted on card. Glider Post Card
Spanish postcards "Mallorca".  Very unusual.  Dress and shawl have real embroidery with striking color and pattern.  Mint condition. Spanish PostcardSpanish Postcard 
A set of 4 cards (postcard size, but not postcards).  All the birds are adorned with real feathers, in beautiful color.  All in mint condition. Set of 4 Bird Cards
WWI propaganda postcard in black and white of the Kaiser and Joffre. BW Postcard of Kaiser and Joffre
German Party Bund card 1933 with stamps.  In excellent condition. German Party Bund Card
Dr. Humphrey's Manual - A medicine book that cures all ailments for man or beast. 1913 book, 3x4, 120 pages. In excellent condition. A good example of early date quack medicine. Rare Find. Dr. Humphrey's Manual
1929 issue of Literary Digest in Very Fine condition. 1929 Issue of Literary Digest
Jan 1941 issue of Life Magazine. Undamaged. Life Magazine 1941
1945 issue of US Camera, hard cover edition.  In super condition. US Camera Magazine 1945
1977 Issue of Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. In mint condition. 1977 Issue of Science Fiction Managzine
1979 issue of Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Anthology. In mint condition. 1979 Issue of Isaac Asimov Anthology
1957 issue of Popular Mechanic's Repair Guide.  Super condition. 1957 Issue of Popular Mechanic
WWII German Comic Book 4"x 5", artist Hogfeldt. Excellent condition. WWII German Comic Book
Ilex Paragon f4.5 anastigmatic lens ef 7 1/2, 191mm #55637.  In excellent condition. Ilex Paragon Lens
Bell & Howell 8MM magazine camera #172 with Weston Master light meter in a superb leather case with strap.  All in super mint condition. Bell & Howell Camera
Complete set of 22 Harrison & Harrison 2 inch color correction discs with leather cased color meter.  All in a mahogany deluxe box. This set has never been used. Super mint condition.  Chart and instruction book included. Has been in storage since 1948. Harrison Set
Kodak Pony camera in leather case with anastar f3.9 44mm lens.  Excellent condition. Kodak Pony
GAF Personal Camera, new, in original box. Has never been used. Camera box in mint condition. GAF Personal Camera